SMDC Chateau Elysee Residences - PRICE LIST

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Spot Cash
Spot Cash with 10% discount
Option 2: Deferred Payment
100% payable over 12 months with 3% Discount
Option 3: 10-90
10% Spot DP with 3% Discount
90% Balance payable over 12 months
Option 4: 20-80
20 Spot DP with 5% Dsicount
80% Balance payable over 12 months
Option 5: 50-50
50% Spot DP with 6% Discount
50% Balance payable through in house or bank financing
Option 6: 10-90
10% DP payable over 12 months
90% Balance payable through in house or bank financing
Option 7: 15- 85
15% DP payable over 12 months
85% Balance payable through in house or bank financing
Option 8: 20 – 80
20% DP payable over 12 months
80% balance payable through in house or bank financing


Chateau Elysee Residences: The Perfect Urban Address

When looking for a new home, privacy and aesthetics take a backseat. Price is always the first thing you look at but SMDC’s Chateau Elysee Residences could be the game changer condominium buyers are waiting for.

Located in Parañaque, this posh residence is in the middle of the urban action. Professionals, students, and families who are looking for a start-up home in the Metro would appreciate the convenience and affordability of living in this condominium development.

Masterfully Designed

SMDC has a penchant for creating homes to make residents feel refreshed despite the grueling Manila heat. With its French Mediterranean design, Chateau Elysee Residences will transport you to a whole new world. The development was designed not just to look like an attractive place to call home but also to give residents enough breathing space.

Covering 4.8 hectares, this prime development in Bicutan, Chateau Elysee Residences will provide enough space to make occupants feel comfortable. Wide open spaces are not just applicable to the area outside the development, each unit will also have high ceilings and enough space so you won’t feel claustrophobic.

Whether you choose a one, two, or three-bedroom unit, you can look forward to having a grand view of the garden. The customizable space will provide you with a blank canvas to apply your prowess in interior decoration. With a bit of creativity, you can create a home which reflects your unique personality.

Recreational Amenities

Among the best things about condo living is having access to awesome facilities and amenities without leaving the development. When it comes to providing recreational activities to its residents, Chateau Elysee doesn’t fall short compared to its other counterparts.

Whether it’s a hot day or you just love cooling off in the pool, you would have fun doing laps at the 25-meter swimming pool. When you are with the little ones who are excited to go swimming, there’s a kiddie pool where you can splash water at each other. If playing games gets boring, there’s also a play area for the little ones.

For those who love sweating it out, there is a fitness gym where you can work on those muscles. There’s also a volleyball and basketball court where you can have fun when your friends come over. Plus, there’s a tennis court and a clubhouse where you can host different events.

Right after a tiring day, you can just go home and do any of these activities to de-stress. With so much to do in your neighborhood, you won’t be bored especially if you have some pals with you.

Condo Must-Haves

When you are in a vertical development, there are some things you absolutely need to have in the building. When it comes to safety features, Chateau Elysee Residences doesn’t fall short. You don’t have to worry about anyone getting in and out of the premises easily since the development provides round the clock security. There are also sufficient fire exits in every floor, an automatic fire sprinkler system, and a garbage disposal area on each floor. Going to and from your unit won’t be inconvenient since there are two passenger elevators operating in each building. There is a standby generator unit and an overhead water tank for the convenience of the residents.

Corridors and lobbies are spacious enough so you won’t be uncomfortable while hanging out in these areas. If you ever need anything in a hurry, there is a convenience store located in the development. With all of these awesome facilities, you don’t have to worry about a single thing while staying in this development.

Exceptional Location

Situated at Doña Soledad Ave. Extension Bicutan, Parañaque City, Chateau Elysee Residences provides a good place to call home. SM Bicutan is the closest shopping district from the residence, and the best thing is that there is a shuttle service which takes you directly to the mall. If you are looking for a cooler place to hang out, you can go to City of Dream or Solaire resort. If you are quite a foodie, there are several places to dine without going too far. The Original Savory and Ritchie’s Diner are just two among numerous restaurants you can dine and enjoy a sumptuous meal. If there are any emergencies which require immediate medical attention, you can rush to Parañaque Doctors Hospital which is only five minutes away from your residence.

Frequent fliers would also find this location perfect since this home pretty close to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Whether you are catching a red eye flight or taking the last flight back home, you don’t have to worry about the long commute since this home is close by. A 15-minute trip to the airport is truly a convenient one especially if you are always on the go.

For professionals who work at Makati or are constantly making visits to the country’s largest financial hub, Chateau Elysee Residences also happens to be a convenient home. The business district is just 20 minutes away. You don’t have to drive too far and get stuck on horrible traffic jams on your regular commute to Makati since you live close to the business district. Whether it’s shopping, going on frequent travels or having access to the business district, Chateau Elysee Residences is the most convenient home for you and your family.

Impressive Investment Opportunity

Among the numerous reasons to consider when buying a new property is the growth potential. Location plays a crucial role in assessing the future value of a property and Chateau Elysee Residences is a prime piece of land. With the proximity to various places of interest in the Metro and the short distance from the airport, buying the property for immediate use or as a rental property is definitely a great idea.

With its stylish interior, beautiful garden, wide open spaces, close proximity to major places of interest and business Chateau Elysee Residences is the perfect urban home which will make it easier for you to appreciate the beauty of city living.

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